Zach Ferriera Martial Arts Instructor

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Zach Ferriera

Name: Mr. Zachary Ferreira

Rank: 3rd degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do

How long have you been training at VK for?

I first started at VK in 2008, so I have been here for 14 long years, but they have been a fun 14 years

Educational Accomplishments:

Associates degree in Liberal Arts


Currently, Amazon associate, Summer Camp counselor. Future Physical educator

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Treasurer for PE club at CCSU, Student Rep for CCSU w/ CTAHPERD (Connecticut Association for Health

Physical Education Recreation and Dance)

How has VK helped you?

VK has helped me because it has instilled life lessons like self-discipline and respect to get to where I am

at currently in life. Without these lessons I wouldn’t be getting the grades I am getting at school and

getting closer to my life goal of becoming a physical educator. Without the massive amounts of

perseverance, I have gained I would not be able to push myself for these goals.

Favorite Hobbies:

I enjoy watching YouTube in my free time and I just started doing collectibles. I also enjoy swimming

and looking out for the ones I care about the most.

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