Wendy Hannigan Martial Arts Instructor

Wendy Hannigan


Wendy Hannigan


 Sam Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt)

How long training at VK?

I started training at Valentin Karate January 2005


Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems


 Senior Systems Analyst (Optum, United Health Group)

How has VK helped you?

I started training when my triplets were 5 years old because it was cheaper than therapy! I originally became interested in the martial arts when my older son tried his first karate class at a different school when he was 7 years old, and the triplets were 2 years old. Watching his first class, I was surprised to find I was interested in starting myself but decided it would have to wait. Once I felt the kids were old enough to allow me to pursue this for myself, I visited several schools in Southington before walking into Valentin Karate and immediately feeling like I was home. It's been an amazing journey that I am so happy that I began all those years ago. My family joined me shortly after I started, and all four children and my husband are also VK black belts. I love teaching and training, and both helped me build the confidence to return to my career as a systems analyst after an 18-year break to raise my children.

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