Tyler Rosenzweig Martial Arts Instructor

Tyler Rosenzweig

Name: Tyler Rosenzweig


2nd degree black belt (E Dan)

How long you have been training at VK:

11 years

Martial Arts Accomplishments:

I was part of the VK Demonstration Team winning first place at the Region 9 Championships

and at the World Championships in 2018. I am a team leader in the VK Demonstration Team as

well, meaning that I am responsible for teaching and creating forms for a group of people. I

became a blackbelt at the age of 12 years old.

Educational Accomplishments:

I am part of the World Language Honors Society. I am biliterate in Spanish, meaning that I can

read, speak, and interpret Spanish efficiently. In addition, I have attained 1st honors several times

in both regular and honors courses in my high school education. Furthermore, I have been

accepted to the Culinary Institute of America along with other colleges.


I am a part time martial arts instructor at VK.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

I am part of the World Language Honors Society where we meet after school monthly

to discuss club functions and volunteer opportunities. I am also part of the school’s Key Club, a

service organization that volunteers for the community, nation, and world.

How VK has helped you:

Valentin Karate has helped me in more ways than I can recall. Mainly, it has given me a safe

place that I can express how I feel and not be worried about how I look. I have made more

friends in Valentin Karate than in school or outside of the school setting. To further its affect in

my life, I am able to say with full sincerity that Valentin Karate has helped shape me into the

person I am, teaching me, respect, obedience, and discipline. Finally, Master Valentin has created

an environment that is more than just a teaching and learning community, but a true family. I

have never seen a school that has cared this much about their students and teachers and treated

each other as well as Valentin Karate has. It is truly inspirational, and I am so glad that I am able

to be a part of an amazing staff group and amazing family.

Favorite Hobbies:

- Singing

- Theatrical Arts

- Culinary Arts

- Martial Arts

- Learning

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